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  • Gamagori Orange Park
  • Gamagori Orange Park (around Gamagori station)
  • At the Gamagori Orange Park, you can enjoy various fruits throughout a year: strawberry gathering from January to May, melon and grape gathering from June to September, oranges from October to December. There are also restaurants and souvenior shops where we can buy Mikawa area specialty items.

    All events are charged and need reservations: Hours 9:00-17:00/open all year
    10 minutes by car from Gamagori station
    TEL(+81)533-68-2321/1-93 Ogurimi Kiyodacho Gamagori-shi, Aichi-ken
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  • Designed Japanese National Monument
  • Designed Japanese National Monument "Takeshima Island"
  • "Takeshima Island (literally Bamboo Island) " is the symbol of Gamagori City and is connected to shore by a 387 meter bridge. On the island is a "Yaotomi Shrine," in dedication to the Buddhist goddess Benzaiten. The bridge is supposed to bring good luck to couples, so if you come with your significant other it is customary to walk the bridge together while holding hands. In winter, migratory birds from Siberia also make an appearance here as well.

    TEL (+81)533-68-3700/3-15 Takeshimacho Gamagori-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan
    15 minutes from the Gamagori station/5 minutes by Meitetsu bus from the Gamagori station: bus stop "Takeshima Yuen"
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  • Takeshima Craft Center
  • Takeshima Craft Center
  • While walking on Takeshima beach you can make a stop at the Takeshima Craft Center. Here, you can see how Mikawa silk is hand loomed. The staff will also teach you how to make your own piece of fabric.

    Admission free/Events at extra cost/Hours 10:00-16:30/Close Wednesdays, end and new years
    10 minutes by car from the Gamagori station
    TEL (+81)90-5100-8109/25-1 Takeshimacho Gamagori-shi Aichi-ken, Japan
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  • Yumeoribito
  • Yumeoribito (Marine Center House)
  • Gamagori has always been at the center of Mikawa textile production. At Yumeoribito, they provide a breakdown of the making of textiles, the local history, and significant people in the trade. You can also find traditional and modern souveniors.

    Hours 10:30-18:00/Close Wednesdays
    6 minutes from the Gamagori station
    TEL (+81)533-68-2105/1150 Minatomachi Gamagori-shi Aichi-ken, Japan
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Recommended Plan

Course 1

the Gamagori station → (10 minutes by car) → Gamagori Orange Park → (10 minutes by car) → the Gamagori station → (6 minutes walk) → Yumeoribiro → (6 minutes walk) → the Gamagori station → (15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus) → Takeshima Island → (15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus) → the Gamagori station

Course 2

the Gamagori station → (5 minutes by bus or 15 minutes walk) → Takeshima Aquarium → (10 minutes walk) → Takeshima Island → (7 minutes walk) → Takeshima craft center → (15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus) → the Gamagori station