onsen onsen

How to enjoy the onsen correctly

  • 1. Wash your body
  • Before stepping into the bathtub, make sure you wash the grime off the whole of your body at the washing place.
    After that, make sure to rinse away all foam from the soap properly.
    *Please sit when shower.
Wash your body
  • 2. Pour warm water on yourself
  • One by one, gently pour warm water on your limbs, from your feet to your lower back, from your fingertips to your shoulders, and from your chest to your extremities. Get yourself used to the temperature of the warm water. Pour some over your head. By doing this, you can prevent dizziness and rushes of blood to the head.
  • 3. Submerge half of your body to get used to the heat
  • Gently enter the bathtub and at first just submerge yourself to the pit of your stomach, in order to get your body used to the heat. This is so that there is no sudden burden of the onsen's (hot spring) temperature and water pressure. Once you’ve warmed up, it is recommended to move your limbs.
  • 4. Notes
  • Do not spend too long time in the bath. When your forehead and nose are getting sweat, it's usually time to leave. Take care not to stay in so long that you are dripping with sweat or have heart palpitations.
  • 5. Don't take a shower after the bath
  • If you take shower, the effect of medicinal ingredients in the onsen will lessen. However, for people with sensitive skin and people who get a rash, please wash yourself with fresh water.
Don't take a shower after the bath
  • 6. Dry your body lightly
  • When you finish taking bath, dry your body lightly before going to the dressing room.
  • 7. Be sure to take enough liquids
  • Due to perspiration, your internal fluids will have dropped.
Be sure to take enough liquids
  • 8. Relax
  • While in the bath, your energy gets expended. In addition, your blood pressure changes. So until your body condition is stable, it is important to rest at least for 30 minutes.

Rules at Onsen

  • You can't wear a bathing suit.
  • Please wash your body at the washing place. You must not wash yourself in the bath.
  • Please enter the bath after rinsing the foam from the soap from your body.
  • You must not put any towels in the bath.
  • Tie up if you have long hair and try not to get it in the bath.
  • Even if the water tempreture is hot, you must not put cold water as you please.
  • In order to prevent blood rushing to the head, place a cool towel on top of your head while in the bath.
  • After bathing, make sure to drink enough fluids and take a rest.
  • As a general rule, people with tattoos cannot enter the bath.
  • After taking bath, dry your body before heading to the dressing room.
  • Try not to enter the bath straight after eating or drinking alcohol.
  • In order to prevent dizziness, do not bathe more than three times in one day.
  • You must not do laundry at the washing place.
Rules at Onsen