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Recommended Courses

Our recommendation to enjoy Gamagori's sea, mountains, theme park, and tradition

Hot Spring

Gamagori has four onsen (hot spring) districts. They also offer you the cuisine made with fresh ingredients.
You can take a look at each characteristics at their information pages, and can make a reservation.

  • katahara onsen
  • nishiura onsen
  • miya onsen
  • gamagori onsen
  • sangane kira area
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  • seafood
  • fish
  • shellfish
  • gourmet

In Gamagori you can enjoy seasonal food, lots of festival events,
etc. How about adding some of these places and events to your plan?

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  • How to enter the hot spring
  • How to enjoy the inn
  • Manners in Religious site

Let's take a look at some Gamagori souveniors. From traditional souveniors to pop culture goods, here is an introduction to places where you can buy souveniors.